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Gudrun Hauenstein-Neset Pop Art – Edding Art Exhibition „Moments of Life“

The upcoming German Edding artist and Kasugallery. The artist Gudrun Hauenstein-Neset mainly draws monochrome (black / white) portraits or bodies in motion. Architecture, cars, industry or technology form the backdrop of Gudrun Hauenstein-Neset’s work, which is no less important for your compositions. She paints exclusively with Edding. The planning for each picture is well considered and takes several days. Pencil sketches that are changed until the motif can be finally painted with the Edding pen. Every stroke painted with Edding is irrevocable. The artist expresses her inner self with her pictures. Each of her pictures is a kind of diary entry.


Learn more about the talented „Edding – Art“ artist, Gudrun Hauenstein – Neset

Kasugallery in an interview with Gudrun Hauenstein-Neset

What brought you to art and how did you come up with your unique Edding Art?

I was already creative when I was a little kid. Purely for lack of space and because paper was always available, I developed this special painting style. First it was pencil drawings, then I went over to my Edding Art. With the DINA 2 format I have remained with few deviations until today. Do you always have your sketchbook with you? No, but I photograph everything that inspires me. These are impressions and situations from my life mixed with imagination. I have a kind of artistic diary. Everything is processed. Do you have a message in your works? Usually I paint purely decorative, but I do have a message now and then. At the moment I am occupied with the subject: inner and outer beauty. More on this topic below in the text.

Do you have one or more artists as role models?

Both Yayoi Kusama and Gabriele Münter have chosen a lifestyle that is contrary to their cultural environment … Both have sacrificed security in their cultural environment to art, and have chosen their own, unorthodox lifestyle. Yayoi Kusama is still an extremely dazzling one Personality, and lives her art. Is there a work of art in your life that has particularly impressed you? Franz von Stuck: The sin Here not only this picture is meant, but it represents all artists / pictures, which are to be assigned to the symbolism. Images that came after photography was on the rise, and the pictorial representation of art had to reinvent itself … those images that all have a deeper message … absolutely fascinating. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s lithographs, in which I am always impressed by the liveliness of these drawings, some of them almost unfinished. Does art make you happy? Art is the breath of my soul. I can rest when painting or watching a work of art. At that moment, I am deep in my heart.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I want to go even more in the direction of pop art with my Edding Art. Be unmistakable in my art. Maybe I will go to larger formats. And I will go with my Edding Art more to the public. To position myself more on exhibitions and art fairs. But basically I am concerned with the optimization of my artistic work.


Thoughts that Gudrun Hauenstein-Neset uses in her edding artworks:


Words … The words have been given to people. Sometimes I believe only for misunderstanding each other.

Beauty… What is beauty? Well, there are different types of beauty. Outer beauty – Nice to look at, the first impression, it can dazzle, open doors, but also transient – Aging, external influences and inner ugliness can make you pass away. Those who only build on beauty, their own or with their counterparts, must inevitably be disappointed. However, the inner beauty, the beauty of the soul, the heart, a good character – they are everlasting and nourish each other

Ways of life How do you want to live, how do you want to die? If there is pre-determination, it is only in the form of whether one achieves one’s goals easily or hard, whether one goes through life with cheerfulness or melancholy. Because if nothing can be created of its own accord, where is the meaning? You have to pass your exams and you have to find new ways with your own spiritual power.

Life, what is it?

One is born and from that point on each breath leads us closer to death. So you have to confirm an old saying, because who wants to see death as a goal? The route is the goal

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